What's after Genesis?

Alright, fam, get ready to unlock the whimsical world of Ordimon Genesis. Picture this: a tight-knit squad of exactly 111 mystical beasties - Genesis ain't about to mess with that magical digit. So what's cookin' next in this beguiling tale?

Well, an Ordimon ain't just your everyday critter. Think of it as a shimmering treasure in the wide collectibles cosmos. If you're all about utility, an Ordimon might throw you a curveball. But for the die-hard collectors among us, it's one wild ride.

Before the minting mayhem kicked off, we made you a pinky promise - and we're all in to keep it. About a week after the mint (we're all about keeping things hush-hush, so no exact dates here), we'll take a snapshot of Ordimon holders. What comes next? A flurry of airdropped booster pack vouchers for Polychain Monsters, that's what!

The plot thickens, though. The Polychain Monsters squad, always staying one step ahead, swiftly brewed up a BRC-721 collection. Collection #4, in fact, is set to house a special lineup known as "Ordimon (Gen721X)" - that's Generation 721 Experimental for you. They're scheming to amp up your Ordimon (Genesis) stash with a fresh monster drop. But here's the kicker: only delisted Ordimon are in for this treat. So keep your eyes glued to Polychain Monsters and their founders on Twitter for more deets!

And for the grand finale, we're crafting a dedicated Discord channel just for Ordimon holders. If you're itching to jump into the convo, the Polychain Monsters Discord is wide open. Stay locked in for more enchanting updates heading your way!

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