🐉Ordimon (Genesis)

Launched on the Bitcoin blockchain in May 2023!

Hold onto your caps, Polychain Trainers! We're about to blaze a trail in the blockchain universe, and it's gonna be epic! We're unleashing the untamed power of ordinals to unlock a whole new dimension within the grandiose cosmos of the original blockchain - Bitcoin. Sure, ordinals weren't in Satoshi's starting line-up, but Bitcoin's always been about pushing boundaries and chasing that next-level awesomeness.

Now, Polychain Monsters is busting out Ordimon, kickstarting a rad new chapter in Bitcoin's epic saga. This is our pledge to etch enduring digital masterpieces onto the Bitcoin blockchain, with their digital footprints staying fresh as long as Bitcoin's got game.

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to dive deep into the Ordimon mystery in the coming pages. It's our fresh spin on Bitcoin's boundless potential, and we're pretty sure you'll find it just as mind-blowing as we do! Let's roll!

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