How to mint an Ordimon?

Prepare yourself to mint a unique and extraordinary Ordinal.

🚀 Heads up, fam! Ordimon got sold out faster than a hotcake - we're talking 1 second at the public stage of the minting process. Our Polychain Monsters' OG members had a chill time minting during the allowlist stage. Now, you can trade Ordimon on MagicEden.

What went down before the mint:

Ordimon (Genesis) was ready to take flight on the Magic Eden Bitcoin Launchpad, with 100 out of 111 Ordimon up for grabs at a cool price of 0.0025 BTC. We even hooked you up with a wallet setup chapter so you could prep like a boss. Need a solid wallet setup guide? We got you.

The minting game was a two-stage deal: an allowlist stage and a public stage. If you're chilling in the top 1,111 Polychain Monsters collectors, you could've submitted this form to get on the allow list. To bag a slot on Magic Eden's allowlist for the mint, you had to deposit at least 0.003 BTC into that wallet. First come, first served - the earliest wallets to be funded got the dibs.

🎁 Plus, all allow-listed wallets that successfully minted an Ordimon were in for a sweet airdrop, including 11 regular booster vouchers and 1 ghost booster voucher. The airdrop was based on a snapshot taken ~1 week after mint. No heads up on the exact snapshot time, though - we didn't want folks just hopping on for the snapshot.

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