What is an Ordimon?

Ordimon (Genesis) is a highly limited Polychain Monsters Sub Collection.

Get set to be stunned, Polychain Squad! The Ordimon Project, crafted with love by us - the Polychain Monsters maestros, is bringing a bespoke monster collection limited to 111 ultra-unique Ordimon straight to the Bitcoin blockchain. These Genesis Ordimon are just us dipping our toes into the ocean of everlasting digital artifacts on Bitcoin.

Each Ordimon is packaged with a basket full of treats, including 11 regular and 1 ghostly booster pack vouchers for our Polychain Monsters extravaganza on the BNB Chain. Juicy, right?

Community Goals:

  1. Reward: Our dedicated Polychain Monsters community members got the golden opportunity to mint Ordimon at a chill price. We're keeping our top collectors at the front of the line - you deserve it!

  2. Bitcoin Sub DAO: We're setting up a private Discord lounge for all Ordimon owners to hang out, bounce around ideas and dream up more thrilling features for Polychain Monsters on Bitcoin. Time to put on your brainstorming caps!

  3. Education: Right now, only a handful of our Polychain Monsters fam has dipped into Ordinals. We've already welcomed heaps of people into the Ethereum NFT scene, and now, we're all fired up to get them hyped about Bitcoin "NFTs". Let's make some waves!

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